Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup Review

Hey, all!

First off, let me apologize for not posting in about two months. 

I have been traveling around South Korea (and still am), and I just really haven’t had the time to keep up with fashion blogging. I miss it incredibly, though, so I am going to try very hard to start again — which will actually include a little bit of “rebranding” what I do. But more to come on that later once I finally figure out everything specifically.

Now secondly, right before I stopped posting on here, I told you all about how I was going to buy Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup as my new foundation thanks to an incredible review I read on it. Well, I bought it and have been using it every single day since, and I’ve been dying to do a review myself on the product because I absolutely love it.

(Legit, it’s the best foundation/BB Cream I’ve ever used.)

The shade I purchased was Cool Bone (I went and tested it out before I bought it online just to be sure it was truly the one for me). And it is perfect, which literally never happens cause I am so pale. 

The formula is also wonderful, with its super thin yet not runny consistency. It’s light and fluffy and always goes on smoothly, blending out so easily without ever drying too fast. It just absorbs right into the skin without sitting on top, thus eliminating any oily shine, caking, or wearing off that normally comes with foundations.
I always apply it with just my fingers, cause I don’t normally use any sponges or brushes for formulas as thin as this due to the absurd amount of product said brushes and sponges end up absorbing. (I don’t like to waste.) 

The finger method works out very nicely, giving an even application every time, but there is the problem of it staining my hands every single time I apply, cause this makeup is very long-lasting and hard to get off with just soap and water. (This is a very small downfall in my opinion, though.)

Anyway, the product always looks super natural, and it builds up very well, going from medium to full coverage in about two thin applications, something very nice for people who want and/or need a fuller coverage product (I personally always stick to medium coverage).

Finally, once this stuff is on, it doesn’t move. Literally. If I put it on at 6 am, it’s still perfect at 9 pm. It really doesn’t get oily anywhere even though I have a major problem with an oily t-zone during the spring and summer months. And even though I go out and sweat all day as I traverse the incredibly humid Korean Peninsula, it still stays on. It’s amazing, this product I’ve found, and I highly suggest everyone reading this buys it, too. Really, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like it — except maybe someone with a fair amount of wrinkles, as I believe it would not apply evenly over top of them. 

However, despite my praise, there are two criticisms I have of this product. First of all, it can feel a little drying when you apply it to just bare skin (which is what I did the first time I used it). It wasn’t an awful drying feeling, but every time I smiled, I felt a little crinkly on my cheeks. To fix this, I use a little bit of moisturizer before I apply it or sometimes tap the moisturizer on afterward. I also always use foundation primer after the moisturizer, too, which really helps, too.
My other criticism: There’s no pump on the bottle, so you have to pour it onto the back of your hand in order to apply, which only contributes even more to the staining problem I mentioned before. 

Despite the pouring, though, the product comes out easily and not too fast, so there is never a wasting problem. Pumps are just obviously much more convenient, so it would be great if Estee Lauder added one to the product.

But that’s it for the criticisms. Not too bad, right? 

Now here are some pictures showing you how the coverage has been so far:

They were taken at various points throughout the day on different days, some in the morning and some at night, so I think they give a pretty accurate picture of the product.

All in all, though, I give this foundation a 9/10. It’s amazing and is by far the best I’ve ever used, which I wasn’t expecting when I purchased it. I’m super happy I found it, and I will definitely be buying it again in the future.

That’s all I have for you for now, though! Thanks so much for reading.

Until next time ❤



Transitioning from Spring to Summer


Hi, again, everyone! Today I have a post for you all about my favorite thing in the world: moving your wardrobe from spring into summer.


You know why it’s my favorite thing in the world? Because it means cute shorts and flowy dresses or skirts during the day with comfy, light sweaters to add on and keep you warm at night. Amazing ❤ It also marks the point where my allergies start calming down, so how could I not love it??


Anyway, I only have one tip for making your wardrobe work through the funky weather of this time of the year, and that’s get yourself a jumpsuit.

Ewww, a jumpsuit?? What is this, Leah, 1970??







Pardon my bra in that one pick, lol.

Seriously, though, jumpsuits are so in right now, and they are beyond perfect for keeping you cool during the day but also warm enough to help you sustain the night.

I recommend the incredibly chic, extremely wide leg versions available on the market now, like the one I have on, especially for those individuals who may be a bit hesitant to try a more traditional style.




Even though these would seem like something daring and hard to pull off, they’re actually quite the opposite. When you have them on, they basically disguise themselves as a dress unless you start walking really fast or physically spread your legs to show off the fact that they are really pants. So most people won’t even realize that you have a jumpsuit on and thus your reason for being scared to wear a jumpsuit in the first place will be eliminated. Yay!




And they are also marvelous at keeping you cool, in case anyone cares about that.

But yeah, basically, just use a bunch of wide-leg jumpsuits to get you through to the summer, and you’ll [hopefully] be golden.


That’s all! Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll talk to you all again soon.

Until next time ❤

SAVE THE FISHIES??? My First Sand Cloud Shirt


Aight, guys, so I’m sure you’ve been seeing this Sand Cloud thing pop up everywhere, especially on Facebook, cause that’s where I kept seeing it over and over and over again. For a while, I just ignored it, but eventually, after a long time of wondering what the heck it was, I finally decided to check it out.




I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Sand Cloud is a clothing brand that makes lots of cute, beachy T-shirts and towels and donates 10 percent of its profits to charity in order to help save marine life — or save the fishies, as they like to call it.




So, naturally, being the tree hugger that I am, I started browsing their products and ended up buying the shirt you’ve been seeing in this post.





It’s suuuuuuuper nice and comfy and soft, and the material is incredibly light and breathable. And the color is amazing!! I’ve been obsessed with pink lately, so the baby pink and white of this shirt just makes my heart sing ❤





This is honestly just the perfect summer long sleeve, and I’m so excited to wear it all the time!

Cause let’s face it: I’m totally gonna be wearing it all the time lol, I can’t lie.




But yeah, in general, I’ve found that Sand Cloud is a really great company with a really great goal, and I highly recommend you all checking it out! If you click the links that I have provided for you (like this one here), you will get a code for 25 percent off your purchase! [And no, I’m not getting paid if you purchase using my links. I just get some fun little points for the company’s rewards program, that’s all.]

Oh, and I’m pretty sure that Sand Cloud is owned by Jack Rogers, or at least affiliated with it in some way, which should help you realize that this is a legit company that you can trust purchasing things from. Cause I know I was a little skeptical at first, lol, as anyone should be with anything they first stumble upon.

But yeah! Go make a purchase! Go save the fishies!


And also! For you fellow bloggers, Instagrammers, photographers, and other social media power people out there, if you click here, you can sign up for the company’s ambassador program. This will get you 35 percent off of every order you make, as well as give you a code to share out with your friends, family, and followers that can earn you points to use toward free stuff (yesssss). So sign up, especially cause you’ll get free little gifts with every purchase.

ambassador gift (2).png

Like that bracelet ❤ Sand Cloud is so cute, I can’t handle it!

Ps, if you ever need a model, Sand Cloud, please hire me ❤

And that is all! Thanks so much for reading. Until next time ❤


Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Jimin in BTS “Spring Day”


Hi, all! Get ready for blog posts coming everyday, cause I have nothing to do except travel, write, and study Korean for the next THREE MONTHS. GET PUMPED!

Now to continue with my mediocre recreations of some of the outfits from “Spring Day.” Here’s the music video below in case you haven’t seen it:

Now please enjoy my post.

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Jimin in BTS “Spring Day”

Here are the photos that my outfit is based on:

(They’re so blue and pretty ❤ )

And here is my version:


It’s much less blue and pretty, but I think it suffices, no?





The outfit is simple: a white shirt with navy stripes, a bright aqua cardigan (hood or no), and some longer, cut-off shorts with tennis shoes — although my shorts aren’t cut-offs lol. And as you also can see, I opted out of the tube socks, but feel free to wear those, too, if it so pleaseth you.


DSC_0117 (2)




This outfit is surprisingly cute and wearable (I say surprisingly just because BTS tends to go for more high fashion than ready-to-wear). It’s also super good for the summer cause SHORTS. BTS literally never wears shorts.

But yeah, that’s about it. In case you’d like to know, my shirt and shoes are from H&M but aren’t available in stores anymore, and everything else I’m wearing is so old that it’d be foolish to tell you where it’s from.

So yeah. Now I’m done. Thanks for reading. Hope it helped you figure your version out. Click here to see the last post I did in this series, and click here to see the next one once it is up.

Also, sorry for being so apathetic and terse in this post. Idk why I am, but I am. Oops.

Until next time ❤


The Perfect Foundation??

estee lauder foundation

About two weeks ago, I ran out of the BB cream that I’ve been using for two and a half years now. It’s Dr. Jart, and it’s pretty amazing. But it’s a thick, cream formula that I’ve sort of just gotten bored with, so I haven’t repurchased it since I ran out.

Instead, I am currently making the biggest beauty mistake of my life and using some weird, old organic foundation that my grandmother gave me the other week (that makes my chin break out) until I actually find the time to get to Sephora and make my next foundation purchase.

I’m lazy and it’s been finals week for about three weeks now. I can’t help it.

But a huge problem I was having at the beginning of this foundation hell I’m currently experiencing was that I had literally no clue which product to try out next. I’m super picky with foundation and have found approximately three that I like since the beginning of time. (And I can’t even tell you what those three are since two of them haven’t been used on my face since the end of high school.)

So I was doing research and reading reviews, but nothing was striking my fancy. All the products looked too runny, too dark (I’m incredibly fair), too oily, too matte, or too drying, and I was simply stumped about which could possibly be the next one for me. I was fully anticipating spending three hours straight swatching products and hating them all the next time I ventured out to the store, and it made me scream out to the heavens in agony.

But I think the foundation fairies in the sky heard me, because the next day, they  dropped this little goodie in my inbox: The Best Foundation.

The best foundation, you say??

Obviously, I clicked.

The article is from, a site dedicated to testing out products and finding the best of the best in order to help consumers with their various purchasing predicaments, and let me tell you: This article was the biggest help I could have ever asked for.

In it, after sifting through and testing hundreds of foundations on the market, the team at determined that there are two best foundations out there, MAC Studio Face and Body for sheer to medium coverage and Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup for medium to full coverage.

I’ll let you all read the article for specific details about the products and the testing (cause there’s lots of ’em), but after doing so myself, I’ve decided to try out the Estee Lauder one as my next foundation of choice. It’s literally exactly what I’ve been looking for: a thin formula that’s buildable, applies well, and won’t irritate my sensitive skin. I’m so excited to go get it.

Oh, but the other cool thing about the article is that it still tells you some of the other products they tried that were good but didn’t make the top two. So if, for some reason, you hate the ones they recommend, you still have other options to check out.

So if you’re looking for a new foundation, give this a read! Literally, it saved my makeup life, and I really look forward to using again in the future for other purchases!

And that is all. I will update you guys with how I like the foundation once I actually get the chance to purchase it. But until then, wish me luck on my last two finals, cause they be killers.


Until next time ❤

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Suga in BTS “Spring Day”


Hi! It’s been a long time, eh? Many apologies for that. School and all. You get it.

Little life update for you, though: School is finally coming to a close for the semester, I’m about to have so much free time to blog, and I am officially spending my summer traveling the southern half of the Korean peninsula.


I’m pumped.

But let’s get back on track! Today marks the start of my next Bangtan Style series. It’s gonna contain approximately 50,000 outfits, so get ready. I’m gonna do them fairly back-to-back, though, so hopefully you won’t have to spend too much time waiting to see all the ways you can recreate BTS’ style without going absolutely broke.

So without further ado, here’s the “Spring Day” MV in case you haven’t seen it yet:

(Which is now one of my all-time favorites btw ❤ )

And here’s the actual post!

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Suga in BTS “Spring Day”

My outfit in this post is based upon the following pictures:

And, yes, I included the J-Hope pink varsity jacket because you could also technically use this look to recreate that if you’re feeling extra lazy.

But anyway, here is my version:


As you can see, the only main difference from Suga’s outfit is that I opted for a T-shirt instead of a sweater.






I chose the T-shirt because it’s spring/about to be summer, so why waste my time in a fuzzy pink sweater? It’s smarter to avoid hyperthermia if possible.






As for the specific clothes I’m wearing: My top and jeans are from H&M, and my shoes are from either Zara or ASOS. I can’t remember. If you go to buy the shirt, though, it’s from the men’s section, so don’t waste your time looking through ladies.




The styling for this outfit is really, really, really easy. Just throw on a solid-colored, bright pink shirt with some lighter wash jeans and sneakers, and you’ll have it mastered. The little details like tucking in your shirt or cuffing your jeans are all personal choices, but honestly, the plainer you go, the more accurate it will be to the original.



For my shoes, I made a conscious choice to pair red with pink. I think I did it because the tennis shoes Suga was wearing were also red, but I can’t 100 percent remember. So don’t quote me on that. But I’ve always been a huge fan of red and pink, and the last time I wore these tennis shoes before this post was actually to a BTS concert. So I simply couldn’t resist the urge to use them.


And that is all!

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to see more, check out the last Bangtan Style post I did here. To see the next one for “Spring Day,” you can click here (once it is up).

Until next time ❤

Transition to Spring: For the Cold Days


As we all know, it’s finally starting to get warm!!! But that also means that, for the next month or so, we will be juggling toasty days with chilly ones, never knowing exactly what to put on our bodies so we can stay at a comfortable temperature all day long.

Such a struggle…

But I’ve come up with a couple of outfits to help with this transition from winter to spring. The first one is for the chillier days, while tomorrow’s will be for the warmer ones. Please enjoy 😀

Transition to Spring: For the Cold Days

DSC_0174 (2)

Of course, there is nothing better than a giant, comfy sweater, and the cool days of spring are the last chance many of us will have to put one on until the scorching summer passes again. That’s okay, though. You’ll just have to use your last chance to snuggle up in something warm wisely.


I used mine to try out this cream, oversized, off-the-shoulder sweater from H&M. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever worn anything off-the-shoulder before, so this was a nice step out of my comfort zone.

Off-the-shoulder sweaters are perfect for the spring because they keep you warm while also keeping you cool. So if the air is a little chilly outside, you can wear one of these puppies without worrying about possibly overheating indoors. (Think of the bare shoulders as your own personal AC. Convenient, eh?)



I then paired the sweater with brown and cream plaid pants to keep a very neutral and streamlined (yet fun) look to the outfit. The pants are also from H&M, and let me tell you: They are COMFORTABLE. I haven’t had the chance to actually wear them anywhere yet, but I can’t wait until I finally do!


Finally, that’s a close look at the brown oxfords I chose for my feet, once again keeping the outfit fairly neutral. I’m still breaking the overall trend of this outfit with them, though: They’re from Forever21, not H&M.


And that is all! Thanks for reading, and I hope this has helped you decide what to wear on the chilly spring day you may (or may not) be currently experiencing.

Until next time ❤