Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Suga in BTS’ “FIRE”

It’s time to finally finish up “FIRE” ❤

(The only reason I’m excited is because the next series is on the ‘Young Forever’ concept photos, and all of the clothes from them are Gucci.

My dreams come true <333 Recreating Gucci <3333)

Anyway, click here for the previous post I did in this series. Also, feel free to click here for my other “FIRE” Suga outfit.

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Suga in BTS’ “FIRE”

Alrighty, here is the inspiration behind this post:

The infamous orange palm tree shirt. Man, what a look. It just…

Infires me.



Okay, now here’s my version:




Not as orange as the original, but definitely much more summer-friendly, don’t you think?





All right. Let’s get serious.

To be completely honest, this is not a look you can easily create. Hardly anyone has brightly colored palm tree shirts just laying around in the back of their closets, mostly because hardly anyone even makes brightly colored palm tree shirts. I mean, why would they? They just scream tropical vaca, in the worst way possible.

Well, I didn’t own anything that could work for this outfit and ended up borrowing what you see above (which is actually a workout shirt) from my sister. She walked out of her room wearing it the day I was shooting this, and I immediately made her turn around and change. Hot commodity up in here.

Thanks, Bekah, for being so nice about it.







As for actual styling, this look is relatively easy. Once you find that perfect palm tree shirt, just pair it with some light wash jeans (preferably with holes), layer a white, long sleeve t-shirt underneath (only if you wish, and probably only if your palm tree shirt has sleeves like Suga’s), and badda bing, badda boom: You’re done.







Actually, I apologize, because you’re not done. Shoes…

DSC_0126 (2)

Which need to be nothing more than white sneakers, as always in “FIRE.”


And that is all!

Thanks so much for reading. Once again, click here for the last post in this series and here for the last Suga “FIRE” outfit I did.

Now off to work TT

Until next time ❤



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