Back to School??

You don’t know how hard I tried to get this blog post out last night before I fell asleep. SO HARD. But alas, I failed, so now I have it for you today. Ta-ta, blogging schedule! Anyway, August is upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking about back to school. *cries* I actually […]

From the Top, Down

For my whole life, I’ve been fascinated by shoes. I think it started the day I discovered my mom’s shoe bin when I was a dress-up-loving toddler. Hidden on the right-hand side of her old, cluttered closet, there was a purple plastic bin overflowing with 1990s heels of all colors, shapes, and sizes. My favorites? A pair […]

Spring Weekend Outfits

Before I start spamming my blog with BTS-inspired outfits, I wanted to get another OOTD post out. I haven’t done one in forever, and I really liked all my outfits this weekend, so I figured, why not? These are perfect for the constantly changing rainy/sunny/chilly/warm weather that always accompanies this time of year (at least […]

The Greatest Shoes to Ever Exist

Long time no see, eh? [The story of my life lol] As is always the case, April and its end of the semester glory ripped me a new one. With just two finals left to go, I finally have a spare moment to breathe and get a blog post out. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I wrote this up about […]

The Best of Paris Fashion Week

It’s the final day of Paris Fashion Week, and with it, I want to reflect on some of the best things I’ve seen throughout the event. (Not that I was actually there in person lololol.) Most of the pictures below were simply taken from Instagram, because that’s where I get my fashion fix. So enjoy this […]

Capes, Capes, Capes!

I haven’t made a post in almost two months because I’ve been putting so much time into school. But tonight I fell ill because of it, so from here on out, I’m screwing school and blogging instead. Not to be dramatic, but I’m gonna drop dead if I don’t change soon. So here is me changing. […]

Being on Trend for Fall

It’s officially fall, everyone, which means that it’s also officially legal to finally bust out all of your autumnal clothing and not look like an overdressed freak. To help with the transition into cold weather dressing, I figured I would take the time to point out some of my favorites among this upcoming season’s biggest trends. Below I have some Fall 2015 runway looks […]