SAVE THE FISHIES??? My First Sand Cloud Shirt

Aight, guys, so I’m sure you’ve been seeing this Sand Cloud thing pop up everywhere, especially on Facebook, cause that’s where I kept seeing it over and over and over again. For a while, I just ignored it, but eventually, after a long time of wondering what the heck it was, I finally decided to […]

The Perfect Foundation??

About two weeks ago, I ran out of the BB cream that I’ve been using for two and a half years now. It’s Dr. Jart, and it’s pretty amazing. But it’s a thick, cream formula that I’ve sort of just gotten bored with, so I haven’t repurchased it since I ran out. Instead, I am […]

Product Review: Herbal Essences “Color Me Happy” Dry Shampoo

Due to my incredibly dry skin yet ridiculously oily scalp, I am always looking for amazingly absorbent dry shampoo. The search for it has been both long and hard, but I think I can say that, at last, it is finally over. And so, today, I am going to share my journey-ending discovery with you. Let’s […]