Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup Review

Hey, all! First off, let me apologize for not posting in about two months.  I have been traveling around South Korea (and still am), and I just really haven’t had the time to keep up with fashion blogging. I miss it incredibly, though, so I am going to try very hard to start again — […]

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Jimin in BTS’ ‘Young Forever’ Concept Photos

I went to Disney, started school, and broke my thumb. Things have been very busy in my life lately, hence why I haven’t been posting very often. Apologies, as always. Anyway, let’s continue this Bangtan Style series, cause it’s currently the only thing I have photographed. To see the last post I did in it, […]

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like J-Hope in BTS’ ‘Young Forever’ Concept Photos [2]

I started writing this in Disney and then got so distracted/exhausted that I just couldn’t finish. So here it is now, two weeks too late. Apologies. To see the last post I did in this Bangtan Style series, click here. To see the next one, click here once it is up. Now let’s get started! […]

The Greatest Pants Alive

Yes, I know. They’re not alive. But you get what I was trying to do. Anyway, I bought the following pants at work yesterday after seeing them on the fitting room rack during my shift on Sunday. At first, I thought they were just another maxi skirt. But then I saw the tag on the inside […]

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like V in BTS’ ‘Young Forever’ Concept Photos

Okie dokie, time for my favorite outfit in this series ❤ To see the previous one, click here. To see the next one once it is up, click here. Now let’s begin! Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like V in BTS’ ‘Young Forever’ Concept Photos Okay, so here is the inspiration behind my recreation: A […]

Back to School??

You don’t know how hard I tried to get this blog post out last night before I fell asleep. SO HARD. But alas, I failed, so now I have it for you today. Ta-ta, blogging schedule! Anyway, August is upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking about back to school. *cries* I actually […]


Take a look below at the wonderful hand-me-down outfit I got the other week from a coworker of mine: She brought a bag of clothes into work to recycle and showed me a few things I might like out of it. The two I have on are what I chose to keep. She didn’t mean for them to […]